Pas pire le directeur…

Voici la fin du message du directeur de l’école des enfants paru dans la dernière infolettre mensuelle. Très intéressant. On dirait qu’il parle de ma job!  🙂

[…] In this ever changing, fast paced world, there are new jobs and careers that will be created as a result of companies and organizations adapting to global changes in the 21st Century. An example would be App developers. A short five years ago, no one was working in the field. Now, there are millions of individuals from high school age to seniors creating programs to assist individuals and organizations in unique ways. Their scope of work is only limited by their imaginations. In reality, schools are preparing students for a working world that we quite frankly cannot determine what it will look like. What we do know as educators, the future work force will require skills as an effective collaborator, communicator and problem‐solver (critical thinker). To address what the evolution of learning will involve I have included an excerpt from our Ministry of Education speaking about adapting to learning in this new century:

From Learning Information to Learning to Learn: The system must place greater emphasis on the learning of skills over the learning of content. The content relevant to a student’s interests is constantly changing and growing so students will have to continue learning new things throughout their life. Instruction should more consistently focus on the skills required to find and use relevant content rather than on the delivery of pre‐determined content.

Talk to your children about the technology changes you have seen in our history and predict what new advances we may experience in the years ahead. Enjoy learning and discovery together.


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